The Sosath Stud host their stallion show each year at the home of the Oldenburg Verband in Vechta. The show is very much a family run affair, with father Gerd commentating and son Hendrik riding, wife Inga and daughter Janne organising, supported by a strong team. The family all show jump to a high level on both homebred and bought in horses, but they also stand some dressage stallions, which is a common trend in both Germany and Holland.

Show Jumping 1

As a predominatly show jumping yard, the presentation started with a 5 year old by Nabab de Reve, the Dutch bred Naldo. His dam Larisa jumped internationally and is already the grand dam of another international competitor in Uniek (John Whitaker). The dark brown stallion is very strong across the top of his hind quarter but has quite a deliberate way of going.

He was followed by one of the senior stallions, the homebred Cador. The 12 year old has won at S**** level and his oldest offspring are just approaching S level themselves. He hails from the important motherline of Fureida through her grand daughter, the Elite mare Lady Heida II. Cador is very strong in the body, with a good walk and very active canter. He looked very adjustable and at ease over the bigger fences.

Cador - Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

Cador – Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

The fences were quickly adjusted for the first of two young Diamant De Semilly sons – Diamant de Landor who is a half brother of Cador. Having seen him license with the Oldenburg Verband in 2015, he had really impressed then with his scope loose jumping. Now shown under saddle he looked very balanced and is definitely one to keep an eye for the future.

Diamant de Landor at the OL-OS Koerung 2015 in Vechta

Diamant de Landor at the OL-OS Koerung 2015 in Vechta

The final stallion shown in the first round of jumpers was Casiro. Normally ridden by the currently pregnant Janne, this big fronted Holstein stallion has a slightly straight hind leg and wasn’t as careful in front as some of the others. He was shown with his 3yo daughter from the Lady Heida line who moved nicely and was strong over the back.

Dressage 1

The first dressage stallion presented was the Florencio son Florenz. He has a good purposeful walk, used his body well and appeared to have a very good temperament. The hind leg is maybe a fraction slow but he showed the ability to transfer weight to the hindquarters well. In 2016 he sired a foal out of a Diamond Hit mare that sold for 120,000 Euros. He qualified for the Bundeschampionate in 2016.

Florenz. Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

Florenz. Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

Next was a 4yo Hanoverian son of the ever popular Danicer – Devonport. Shown by Lukas Fischer he looked a little small but had a superb attitude. The canter was a little rocking horsey and the hock could flex more.

The handsome Levisonn was shown in hand as after injury he is no longer competing. He is a lovely model of a horse and moved well for a jumper. I think he could be an interesting choice for Thoroughbred mares to breed a very versatile sport horse.

Levisonn. Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

Levisonn. Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

The young Trakehner stallion Honore du Soir shares the same sire (Easy Game by Gribaldi) as the young sensation Millenium. His dam sire Latimer was a Grand Prix competitor renown for his ridability. He is starting to fill his frame nicely although the hind quarter is still a little long and sloping. His neck set is excellent but he could be more dynamic in his paces.

Show Jumping 2

The second section of show jumpers was the elegant and very modern Casino Grande. He was athletic over his fences and showed his scope, but occasionally got a bit close to his fences and so had to twist behind to stay clear. He shares a motherline with Sosath’s homebred successful dressage stallion Stedinger.

Casino Grande. Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

Casino Grande. Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

The next stallion was a 3yo that was shown under saddle but didnt jump, the Hanoverian Lyon. Although he has a well shaped hind quarter he was a little ordinary compared to some of the other stallions.

The next stallion Comme Prevu was also not the best, but actually did nothing wrong and jumped with a nice rhythm. The dark brown 4 year old is a son of Comme il Faut and scored 8.99 at his performance test.

The homebred Campitello is a son of Cador with a double cross to the foundation mare Fureida. He has been placed at both the Bundeschampionate and the World Championships in Lanaken in 2016. He is not as heavily made as his sire but still has a lot of power and a very clean and efficient technique over a fence.

Casino Berlin has been a favourite of mine among the Sosath stallions as he is compact, cheeky and oozes presence. He has a very fluid method of jumping. His sire Caspar is siring international stock and had a successful career at World and European level. He comes from a very strong motherline. He is the sire of the previously mentioned Casino Grande.

Casino Berlin. Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

Casino Berlin. Picture courtesy Gestut Sosath

Dressage 2

After the fences were cleared away again, the second group of dressage stallions were lead by Beniro. This son of Bretton Woods has inherited his sire’s tendency to be narrow behind but has good self carriage and was nice and elastic in trot.

The 2016 Oldenburg licensing champion Furst Fabrice is standing at Sosath and was presented under saddle. He moves straight and correctly but could have been ridden with a longer neck. He has beautiful type courtesy of his sire Furstenball.

Furst Fabrice

Furst Fabrice

The final dressage stallion was For Dance, a son of the popular For Romance from a strong dam line, being a half brother to Flanagan (Grand Prix), First Famous (Para Olympics), and For Silence (Mare performance test champion). He has a lovely topline and a short neat head. He could have a little more pelvic tuck.

Show Jumping 3

Diamant De Plaisir was probably the most exciting of the young jumping stallions. Medium sized and a little flat across the croup he looked very classy over the fences and is a fascinating combination of a top sire (Diamant de Semilly) and a champion mother line (Fureida). He is the reigning 4yo Hanoverian jumping champion. After he had jumped, his grand dam Lady Heida was presented in hand. She carried her 19 years well and was a lovely big strong mare with a beautiful eye. Her daughter Lady Lordana was also presented and had that same strong topline that this motherline produces.Diamant De Plaisir Verden 2016

The next stallion Ogano has a big plain head with sufficient power and a good technique. He combines Darco blood through his sire and Diarado through his dam.

All too soon it was the final stallion Casalido who as his name suggested is a son of champion Casall. This is the direct dam line of Bella Donna (Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum) and Limoncello (Ludger Beerbaum). Casalido competed successfully in the Bundeschampionate and was nominated for Lanaken in 2016. He was neat and tidy behind and is a nicely made, medium framed young horse.

The finale saw all the staff and family enter the ring with local school children to celebrate another successful event and to thank all the breeders who have supported them in the past.