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World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses General Assembly 2017 – Blue Hors

As part of the WBFSH General Assembly, the delegates were given a special presentation of the history of the Blue Hors stallions by stud manager Esben Møller. The stud has been one of the most important influences on modern Danish dressage breeding and the names of their stallions are littered through the pedigrees of successful horses.

Woodlander Stallion Show 2017

Woodlander Stud held the first of their two open days at Home Farm in Hothorpe, where 7 of their stallions were shown in hand and under saddle. Although most of the stallions themselves I have covered in reports of other stallion shows, it was Lynne Crowden’s insights into breeding and bloodstock selection that were of special interest. As right hand man Carsten Sandrock was the only rider available, Lynne answered audience questions and talked about the Woodlander breeding philosophy in between Carsten bringing in the horses.

Langaller Stud

Langaller Stud is based within easy reach of the M5 in the lush Devon countryside. Although famous for their success in the show ring, Langaller stock are also highly regarded in the hunting field and on the eventing circuit.

The stud is run by Charles Upham who is enthusiastic about all 9 of the stallions they are standing for 2017, and there are two I particularly feel will be of real interest to serious sport horse breeders.

German Stallions February 2017 – Schockemohle Stallion Show

The final day of our trip to Germany saw us finish off in style. After a leisurely breakfast we headed to Gestut Sprehe to look at some of the stallions they have standing at their stallion station in Loningen.

We were shown around by Nadine Heidrich who gave us a frank and informative insight into some of the 40+ stallions they stand. The ones that stood out for various reasons were Hickstead White, De Niro Gold, Diamond Hit, Erdinger and Marc Cain.

German Stallions February 2017 – Sosath Stallion Show

The Sosath Stud host their stallion show each year at the home of the Oldenburg Verband in Vechta. The show is very much a family run affair, with father Gerd commentating and son Hendrik riding, wife Inga and daughter Janne organising, supported by a strong team. The family all show jump to a high level on both homebred and bought in horses, but they also stand some dressage stallions, which is a common trend in both Germany and Holland.

German Stallion February 2017 Part 2

The second day of our German trip started with a feast of a breakfast which set us up nicely for our day at the Westfalisches Pferdezentrum in Munster-Handorf. The morning started with the Spring Licensing of the Trakehner Verband. This is a much smaller and more informal affair than the main Autumn licensing and is usually a mixture of 3 year olds that were not able to attend in the Autumn, older horses with a competition record and Thoroughbred stallions.

German Stallions February 2017

Although this website is devoted to showcasing British bred stock and British based stallions, I am aware that a lot of breeders will use stallions that are based in mainland Europe, and that it is important to monitor and understand what is happening on the breeding scene over there.

I occasionally take small groups of breeders over to Germany to visit studs, stallion licensing events and stallion shows. The most recent of these was a trip that took in the State Stud at Warendorf, Sprehe and Lodbergen studs, and the Sosath, Schockemohle and Trakehner stallion shows.

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