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Badminton Horse Trials SHB(GB) Stallion Parade

Following the conclusion of the main horse trials dressage, the Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain stud book organised a stallion parade of 9 of their graded stallions.

The stallions all paraded around the main ring together and then individually showed their basic paces in the dressage arena and then jumped over a fence in the adjoining area. There was only half an hour for the whole parade and so it was hard to watch each stallion both on the flat and over a fence, but there were certainly some interesting stallions for eventing breeders.

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British Bred Entries at Badminton – Part 2

The second half of the Badminton draw sees a total of only 6 British bred horses competing.

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British Bred Entries at Badminton – Part 1

The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials is widely considered to be the pinnacle event of modern eventing. Therefore it follows that to see a homebred horse gallop past Badminton House on cross country day, has to be a dream come true for any serious eventing breeder.

There are 8 horses who will represent British breeding in the dressage on day 1 previewed below.

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2014 World Equestrian Games – Eventers

World Equestrian Games

Nothing beats attempting championship events first hand, to see the course, to watch close up how the track is handling and to savour the atmosphere. So with the World Equestrian games just a short plane ride away, I headed off to Normandy to watch the eventing and as usual I spent a lot of that trip being fascinated by the bloodlines of the horses competing.

What became evident was that at Championship level you still need blood – the undulations of the Haras du Pin, the technicality of the course and the soft ground, meant that horses needed the natural ability to gallop, stamina and quick reactions – all attributes to be found in the Thoroughbred.

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