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New stallions for the UK

2021 could be the most important year yet for British stallion owners as they have the chance to capitalise on the uncertainty over semen imports caused by Brexit. It more important than ever that those with well bred, well produced and talented stallions, market them to those mare owners that might normally look overseas.

We introduce here some of the stallions that are standing at public stud in the UK for the first time in 2021. They include mainly dressage and show jumping stallions plus two eventers.

Breeding in 2020

As the foal crop of 2020 emerges into the world, breeders are left in a difficult position with many questions on their minds about the future. Breeders are asking themselves ‘Can I afford to run on my animals that make up my breeding herd until demand picks up? How many mares should I put in foal while the future market is uncertain?’

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