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Month: November 2017

World Breeding Federation of Sporthorses 2017 – the Danish Warmblood

The delegates at the 2017 WBFSH General Assembly were given an insight into the breeding program and selection system of the Danish Warmblood (DV)studbook by breeding manager Karina Christiansen. Since it’s foundation in 1962, the studbook has risen to become one of the most successful producers of dressage horses in the world. Is there anything that they do, that the British studbooks could incorporate into their own programmes?

World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses General Assembly 2017 – Blue Hors

As part of the WBFSH General Assembly, the delegates were given a special presentation of the history of the Blue Hors stallions by stud manager Esben Møller. The stud has been one of the most important influences on modern Danish dressage breeding and the names of their stallions are littered through the pedigrees of successful horses.

World Breeding Federation of Sport Horse General Assembly 2017 Day 2

The second day of the WBFSH General Assembly was split between seminars and a return trip to Blue Hors Stud. The two seminars involved topics of particular interest to all British breeders, but especially those concerned with new scientific developments that could impact sporthorse breeding and production.

World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses General Assembly 2017

This year the WBFSH Annual General Assembly is being held in Denmark, hosted by the Danish Warmblood Society and Blue Hors Stud. The Assembly is a chance for studbooks from around the world to get together and discuss common issues and find solutions, as well as strengthen ties with fellow breeding enthusiasts.

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