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Month: February 2017

German Stallions February 2017 – Sosath Stallion Show

The Sosath Stud host their stallion show each year at the home of the Oldenburg Verband in Vechta. The show is very much a family run affair, with father Gerd commentating and son Hendrik riding, wife Inga and daughter Janne organising, supported by a strong team. The family all show jump to a high level on both homebred and bought in horses, but they also stand some dressage stallions, which is a common trend in both Germany and Holland.

German Stallion February 2017 Part 2

The second day of our German trip started with a feast of a breakfast which set us up nicely for our day at the Westfalisches Pferdezentrum in Munster-Handorf. The morning started with the Spring Licensing of the Trakehner Verband. This is a much smaller and more informal affair than the main Autumn licensing and is usually a mixture of 3 year olds that were not able to attend in the Autumn, older horses with a competition record and Thoroughbred stallions.

German Stallions February 2017

Although this website is devoted to showcasing British bred stock and British based stallions, I am aware that a lot of breeders will use stallions that are based in mainland Europe, and that it is important to monitor and understand what is happening on the breeding scene over there.

I occasionally take small groups of breeders over to Germany to visit studs, stallion licensing events and stallion shows. The most recent of these was a trip that took in the State Stud at Warendorf, Sprehe and Lodbergen studs, and the Sosath, Schockemohle and Trakehner stallion shows.

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