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Month: January 2017

Success Stories – Hawtins Werona and Bridget Tate

Hawtins Werona is a performance tested Elite British Hanoverian mare whose early promise has blossomed into a successful dressage career. She was bred by Judith Hawtins at Hawtins Stud and was competed by the Stud’s rider Bryony Goodwin up to Advanced Medium level. In 2016 she was purchased by 18 year old Bridget Tate with an eye on future Young Rider competitions and eventually a breeding career.

British Stallion Event 2017 – Ponies

The breeding of British sport ponies seems to be gaining more and more popularity. With the profile of the Sport Pony Stud Book Society (SPSS) on the increase and even the more traditional societies like the National Pony Society (NPS) adding in more performance classes, it is an apt time to review the pony stallions that were presented at the BBSH Stallion Event, last weekend (7th January 2017)

British Stallion Event 2017 – Show Jumping

The British Stallion Event, held at Bury Farm on Saturday 7th January 2017, was split into sections for each of the Olympic disciplines. The first stallions forward were in the eventing section, covered in a previous article. These were followed by the SHOW JUMPERS.

Show jumping breeding in the UK has been on a high in recent years. Some of the best international horses in the world such as Diva II (Ben Maher), Ursula (Scott Brash), Argento (John Whitaker) and Bintang II (Laura Renwick) have all been bred here. However there is not yet a feeling in this country that we really can breed horses as good as anywhere else in the world.

There were 20 stallions forward in this section, with a mixture of young stallions at the start of their careers to international superstars of the highest order. British breeders who don’t wish to import semen from the continent, certainly have plenty of choice of both type and bloodlines.

British Stallion Event 2017 – Dressage

The largest section of stallions forward were being showcased for dressage. There were 25 stallions entered in this section, 3 of which were pony stallions and 1 who did not come forward.

Most of the commentary in this section was provided by Lynne Crowden (Woodlander Stud) whose in depth knowledge of bloodlines means she can ad-lib where the provided commentary notes fall short, and her enthusiasm and passion added greatly to the event. I don’t think the importance of the right commentator can be stressed enough when trying to engage the audience.

It was generally agreed among the spectators that the standard of presentation is improving each year, and there were a few stallions forward that were as good a standard as you would find at the stallion shows in mainland Europe.

British Stallion Event 2017 – Eventing

The British Stallion Event, was held for the second time at Bury Farm on Saturday 7th January 2017. There were individual sections for each of the Olympic disciplines and this year another section was added for dual purpose stallions. The first section to come forward was EVENTING.

There were only 9 stallions forward in this category, which was one more than last year but still disappointing given that the UK should be a powerhouse of eventing breeding.

3 entries in this section will be reviewed in the Pony stallion article, leaving 6 to cover here.

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